ychzi, known by most as Min, is an undergraduate biology student and independent illustrator based in the Washington, D.C. area.Min specializes in colourful, whimsical, digital paintings and semirealism. When they are not doing schoolwork, they spend their time creating art for zines. They hope to combine their home-brewed artistic skills and their higher education in STEM to become a scientific illustrator.

Min has contributed to several independent zine publications in both digital and print formats.

2022Once Upon a TimeA Miraculous Ladybug fanzinePrint
2021How Plants Come to LifeAn original risograph zine exhibited in the Fenwick Library GalleryPrint
2021Ariana ZineAn Ariana Grande fanzinePrint
2021Your Body is a GardenA BFRB charity zinePrint
2020Transcend TimeA Yu-Gi-Oh! charity fanzinePrint
2019OC FanzineAn original character zineDigital
2019AISHITERUA KomaHina fanzinePrint
2018Step Inside a DreamA Yume Nikki fanzineDigital

How Plants Come To Life
Risograph printed zine
8 pages
50 copies
A zine about how plants appear spontaneously and provide sanctuary to those who need it.This zine was exhibited at the Fenwick Gallery in April 2021.Click here to view the exhibit!